The Menagerie

About The Menagerie

Your team has received its next assignment. This peculiar missing persons’ case is about to become the most disturbing investigation of your career. Can you escape with the evidence — and your lives?

The Menagerie has a clear narrative arc, with semi non-linear gameplay. Small groups rarely feel overwhelmed, and large groups have plenty of moments to split up. Players will interact with fictional characters, but an actor is never present in the game.

The Menagerie is a tense and creepy game!

The story has a dark tone, the game has gore, and there are startling moments. We do not call it scary, but we do consider it a PG-13 experience.

Group playing The MenagerieGroup playing The Menagerie

Praise for The Menagerie

ratingWhen I tell you that we had a blast, it doesn't even begin to describe it. The room was so well designed and there were lots of things to do for the 8 people in the room.Elmer P, Yelp
ratingI really enjoyed the story and plot build-up during the introduction of the room and how the story unfolds itself during the finale. Being a newer room, Menagerie is definitely one of the better rooms for the level of immersion.Martin M, Yelp
ratingThe Menagerie is what I come to expect of great escape rooms. Immersive production values in terms of set, lighting, and sound.John H, Yelp


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