The Fortune Teller

About The Fortune Teller

Curiosity leads you to pay a visit to a local fortune teller. As the tarot cards reveal their message -- to your dismay -- the news is not good. You discover that your fate is connected to an impending disaster. Don't worry though, you have a chance to change your destiny! Will you face the challenge and rectify your future?

A live actor is present in the game

The Fortune Teller will be present with you in the room. You will be communicating with an actor in addition to puzzle solving during this escape room experience.

Live Character Interaction

You’ll meet your fortune teller when you begin, and engaging with them is crucial to your journey.

Innovative Gameplay

Puzzles appear in ways that are unique to this game. The game involves winning and spending resources, quick mini-game challenges, & non-linear progression. This isn’t your typical escape room experience!

Theatrical Elements and Thrilling Moments

You are a part of the story in The Fortune Teller, and as the game progresses, you’ll experience that story unfolding around you in surprising and exciting ways.


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